At WRC1, we prioritize the safety of our clients' funds and the protection of our partners' investments, in accordance with approved laws and as one of our guiding principles.

Privacy and transparency of customer funds

The funds of each client are placed in separate bank accounts in reliable financial institutions. We open a special account for each client, ensuring that their funds are kept separate from one another. This guarantees that we cannot use clients' funds for our own business purposes.

AML - Anti-money laundering policy

We take significant measures to verify the identity of every member in our trading community. As part of this commitment, we request that you confirm your account and identity, solely for the purpose of maintaining the safety of our entire community.

Encryption technology

We place a high priority on confidentiality and utilize advanced encryption technologies to safeguard our clients' communications and transactions. We take every measure to ensure that our systems cannot be breached by unauthorized parties.

Processing is done through Secure channels to ensure confidentiality and prevent data theft or unauthorized access by a third party.

Transmitted data is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

SSL (SSL) Communications are secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Safety. development. transparency

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