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The renowned electric vehicle firm Tesla (TSLA) developed by Elon Musk, a renowned businessman. Tesla has transformed the auto business since its foundation in 2003 with its electric vehicles, energy storage technologies, and solar goods. Investors have been speculating on the company’s growth prospects and possible effects on the environment in recent years, making TSLA’s stock one of the most keenly followed in the whole globe.


Tesla’s stock is a well-liked investment in the trading industry and is renowned for its turbulence and potential for huge profits. To assess the company’s financial situation and growth possibilities, traders frequently follow the company’s quarterly earnings reports and production updates. Tesla is projected to be a major role in the auto industry as electric vehicles and renewable energy sources gain popularity, making its stock a favorite among investors wanting to capitalize on new trends.

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What is margin?

Trading on margin means that you are able to increase your position size using leverage.
If you trade with a leverage of 10:1 for example, you will only need to invest $100 in order to open a deal of 1000 dollars. Margin trading can magnify profits and magnify losses as well


Fill or Kill

When the investor has a specific price at which he wants to execute the transaction, he places an "execution or cancellation" order, where if the transaction is not executed at the specified price, it will be cancelled.

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